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Breathe Create Connect to Shine

"My goal was to create the most beautiful illustrated manual about the art of living. The book is a combination of visual art and a collection of knowledge from a wide variety of scientific fields. Through visual art and clear instructions, I want to show you how you can improve the quality of your life. Many beautiful and colorful illustrations will evoke positive emotions as you read along. Keep the e-book on your phone to always carry it with you, because the book should make you feel happier anytime you leaf through it. I hope that together, we can make the world a better place."

- Dreja, author of the Book

"It's so interesting how things work out. I can admit that, as a rational woman, I would always reject any kind of 'spiritual hocus pocus' in the past. But I have found myself thinking a lot about this lately, about inner peace, perceiving the world in a different, less pesimistic way. And then, we somehow almost randomly come to work together and I realize that this book is exactly what I needed: logical explanations and practical advice. I think it couldn't have worked out better."

- Ziva M., Copyeditor

Book cover

Breathe Create Connect to Shine by author Dreja Novak was founded as a part of the research program on the Drive Response Theory within the ISOTEL Intuition Research Group. This book is an illustrative guide about happy and successful life and walks you through three important actions: with the BREATHE action, you take care of your body and mind; with the CREATE action, you give sense to your life and with the CONNECT action, you live in harmony with people and the environment. In order to foster good relationships, we need to understand ourselves and people around us.

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