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How to build and manage great teams?

The Drive Response Theory is a powerful tool to quickly and effectively improve the area of employee management and motivation. Different people need different managing practices. Understanding the style of co-workers and leaders in the organization dramatically increases communication and productivity. Employees can increase their mutual empathy levels because they are familiar with nine different ways of thinking and behaving. This leads to fewer disagreements as they learn how to communicate effectively, and accept and understand the various views of their colleagues. Based on the new findings, the management can delegate work tasks properly, allocate employees to suitable workplaces and quickly put together strong and successful teams.

The core of the Drive Response tool in business represents a business quiz that selected employees have to undertake. As a result the HR manager receives a detailed report for each respondent, which includes: "

  • Personalized description of personality type (individual's propensity for leadership skills, strengths, weaknesses...)
  • A description of the most favorable work environment in which an employee can leverage their natural gifts, be most successful, fulfilled and productive.
  • User manual with the most important characteristics and directions for the nine types in business environment.

The advantage of the Drive Response algorithm is in its unique foundation which also makes it the most accurate personality test in the world. Based on analytical approach it clearly understands how the nine personality types are formed. With the help of data mining algorithms, the type determination is quick, accurate and repeatable.