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Drive Response Theory

Breathe - Create - Connect to Shine

Discover your Strengths and Become more Successful

Our free DR Quiz reveals your unique strengths by finding the Drive Response Personality Type or the Enneagram Type. By discovering your strengths and knowing your personality type, you can bring out the best of who you are with the techniques described in our new book Breathe, Create, Connect to Shine . Employing this knowledge can speed up your personal growth, help you in business success and make your social relationships happier and long-lasting.

Connect and Improve Social Skills to Live a Happier Life

Being social and connecting with others is a human basic need, but it is not so easy to connect with everyone we meet. The Drive Response Theory helps you not only understand yourself more clearly, but also to help you understand others. Connect with your friends and exchange personality types with them to get further suggestions on relationship improvements.

Learn how to Improve your Life on all Levels and Live Life to the Fullest

To be happy in real life and not just on social media you need to work on three actions: breathe, create, and connect. Our new book Breathe, Create, Connect to Shine guides you through all three actions to achieve a long lasting happiness. With the BREATHE action, you take care of your body and mind; with the CREATE action, you give sense to your life, and with the CONNECT action, you live in harmony with people and the environment.

Create more Productive Teams and Friendly Atmospheres

The DR Quiz helps in identifying leadership strengths and weaknesses, improve communication, promote an appreciation of different learning styles, facilitate conflict resolution, and build teams. Please also visit our business page.

What is a Drive Response Theory?
Drive Response Theory delivers many new findings for personal growth and better relationships by knowing yourself and understanding others. Your relationship with your family, friends and your social interactions in general play an important part in your well-being. Benefits of good relationship are: increased happiness, better health, a longer life. Just as language is essential for good communication, so is being aware of people’s different personality traits essential for good relationships. Being social and connecting with others is as fundamental a human need as food, shelter, and water. For example, social-emotional pain, such as the loss of a relationship, originates from the same part of the brain as physical pain.

DR theory helps you to create a better relationship with everyone you meet and to become conscious of the positive as well as negative traits of your behaviour. Most importantly, it can help you to avoid arguments and keep your communications smooth and pleasant.

The Drive Response Theory helps you to understand the root causes of typical patterns that we share in common, with the help of the nine personal character type descriptions provided by the well known Enneagram theory. If you can identify your dominant type, then you can be aware of who you are, how you behave with others, how you communicate, how you react in various situations. This awareness further helps in being aware of your faults, and improving or eliminating them, thus taking control of yourself and your life.

What do you learn with the Drive Response Theory?
Create connections, make friends and strengthen your relationships.
Discover your qualities and improve your significance and success.
Improve communication skills in business as well as personal lives.
Know yourself and understand others.

Take the DR Quiz and find out Your Personality Type

Find out more about personality types in the third part of our new book Breathe, Create, Connect to Shine .